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Fall 2023 Look 411 (Naomi)

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Elevate your style with the Fall 2023 Look 411 - Naomi from Solamordesign, where each jacket, standing at a refined 70cm, is a testament to elegance and craftsmanship. Tailored for a custom-made experience, this jacket is available in sizes from XS to XL, ensuring the perfect fit for every fashion enthusiast.


  1. Exquisite Craftsmanship: Our skilled artisans bring together the finest materials and attention to detail, creating a jacket that exudes luxury.

  2. Custom-Made Excellence: No matter your size, every piece is uniquely crafted to fit your individual measurements, providing a personalized touch for the fashion connoisseur in you.

  3. Timeless Design: The Fall 2023 Look 411 - Naomi is a seamless blend of sophistication and contemporary style, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

  4. Luxurious Comfort: Experience the epitome of comfort with the finest materials used in crafting this jacket. Whether you're out on the town or attending a formal event, comfort is never compromised.

Exclusive Offer:

As a token of our appreciation, we are pleased to offer Free Shipping to our valued customers in the GCC and the UK.

Embrace the allure of Fall with the perfect jacket that defines luxury at its best. Order your Fall 2023 Look 411 - Naomi in the size that suits you, ranging from XS to XL, and experience fashion like never before.